No “I” in Team, YES there Is!

On a recent listing appointment I was asked if I was “part of a team?” My immediate reaction was, why? but then calmly said to the seller, I am my own Team. No one works for me, you speak directly to me not to an assistant, you get ME, no one else!
Not that a team of REALTORS® in the real estate world are a bad thing but I do feel that the vast majority of people may think you get more from a REALTOR® if they belong to a “Team”.

I look at a Team as all my other fellow REALTORS®, whether they are in my own office or in any office. When selling your home you co-broke the listing, this is splitting the commission between the listing office and selling office. So there’s my team. I consider each and every agent that I have a transaction with a TEAM. We both have to get it done and work together to have that happen.

What does a seller gain from using a team vs. an individual agent? I just don’t know.

I personally speak to each and every seller or buyer when they call, I personal return emails and text messages. I am the listing coordinator, the transaction coordinator, the general administrative person and team leader of ME. My personal experience is to give my clients & customers the service they deserve!

I am my own team!

Colleen A. McMahon
Full Time Agent for over 21 years

Century 21 Crest Real Estate

142 Rt. 23 N

Pompton Plains, NJ 07444

973-646-7419   /  973-214-5250

Personal Website

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Interviewing for a Job

​I was interviewing for a job this past weekend. Yes, interviewing….no I’m not changing careers, I was being interviewed by a seller. Previous history was not a very pleasant experience for him and he wanted to know what I was going to do that was different from the other Realtor. 

We discussed marketing, online, newspaper, print etc… spoke about appointments, feedback etc…. he didn’t see anything different about me that I was offering that the other “guy” did.
I dug deeper into his situation before. They had gotten 3 contracts all of which did not go through. The seller was so beyond words of why?  He gladly showed me the contracts….they all looked standard, nothing stood out to me, standard language until he said the down payments were coming from a relative and the relative left the country. Now, how does this happen on 3 contracts, 3 different selling agents brought in the buyers. 

I quickly solved one of the “why am I different from other Realtors” question. A suggestion to have each contract purchaser get pre-qualified with a lender of the sellers choice. This would give us a heads up prior to going into attorney review. The seller liked that, he is motivated and wants to sell his property and just feels that he wasn’t guided as well as he thought he should have been. 

The first contract had inspections done. I questioned, was your agent present for this, no the seller responded. There is no excuse for the listing agent not to be present at all times, if I am not able to be present, I will have another agent from our office represent me. This is what the seller wanted to hear. I continued to tell him that I will meet the building inspector and fire official for the township inspections, this is what the seller wanted to hear. 
This is what I do that other Realtors may not do, service the client! 
Celebrating my 21 year anniversary this April I am happy to say that besides achieving top awards with Century 21 Crest Real Estate, the biggest award is the Quality Service Award. I pride myself with giving both the sellers and buyers the service they deserve. Whether it’s a recommendation of an attorney, lender, termite inspector, meeting a mason for an estimate, meeting a painter for an estimate, I do it. This comes back to me in the end.
The referrals from friends and family and this is why my real estate career is successful. So, did  I get the job?  I won’t know until the end of the month but I left the property very confident that I did the best interview I could so we shall see.

Colleen McMahon

Century 21 Crest Real Estate
Pompton Plains Office 
973-646-7419  /  973-214-5250
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This gallery contains 6 photos.

Many of us sat in disbelief just 2 months ago hearing that the threatening rainfall from Hurricane Irene was going to push the rivers to the limits and flooding was predicted to be worst than the 1984 Flood. It’s been a … Continue reading

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Earthquake Aug. 23, 2011 in North Jersey

So it’s around 1:45 pm and we’re just settling in to do some real estate work when all of a sudden the boss, broker, Pat starts saying…..”the building’s shaking”…and then starts saying LOUDER…”the building’s shaking”. I jumped up off my chair to look outside to see the wires on the building swaying vigoriously back and forth. I dashed for my cell (which was charging) to text my husband…as many of us did in those couple of seconds, but mine works for a local police department. Short and sweet was my text…. earth quake?

No response, so back I go to the window, building still shaking. Tere kept repeating, look at the water cooler, look ….the waters going up and down inside the cooler. We all looked in disbelief.  I said, “An Earthquake?” my manager Marie says…ya think!!  I quickly said, “Check on Facebook, you know if it was someone already posted it”. Tere and I jumped back on to the computers and as quick as we got on the stream of posting about the Earthquake flooded Facebook. I was proud, my youngest daughter was the first to post about the Earthquake before 800+ of my friends. Way to go, I’ve taught you well.

Now great minds, Tere and I quickly checked out youtube for Carole Kings hit “I feel the earth move under my feet”. You know i’ve been humming it all day since the Earthquake hit. I actually checked out the link I posted with the song, wow…what an excellent song! Friends, collegues, family members posted that they too felt the Earthquake, as far as Vermont, someone even mentioned up in Toronto they felt it. North Carolina had some and then chimes in my daughter…..NOPE, DIDN’T FEEL ANYTHING!

So where were you today when the Earthquake happened in New Jersey?  I was at my office at 142 Rt. 23, Pompton Plains, NJ, second floor in the resource room. 

What was I thinking when this was happening? My youngest was home alone, middle one was at work and oldest was out in California….now that’s funny!  She’s the one that DIDN’T FEEL THE EARTHQUAKE!

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Buying a Home?

If Buying a new home scares you then you need to come sit down, discuss and learn about becoming a homeowner. I will take the time to walk you through the entire process of buying a home. It’s stressful enough buying a home but not knowing what to do next is more frustrating to buyers. It’s easy for a realtor to hand someone flyers and printed material and feel as though they’ve educated their clients, but that’s not so true. Many buyers need and deserve more than that. Buyers should never feel as though they do not know what’s going on, they should never feel they don’t know what’s next.
There are steps for buying a home but it’s not as easy as step 1, step 2 …etc..
Each and every transaction is different so the realtor will adjust directing a client when and if these situations arise. Perfect example is with home inspection issues. Many buyers will ask our opinion on what to do, what to ask for. Again it’s our opinion and I will always explain that when you’re buying a new house that’s one thing but when buying a older home that’s 50+ years, it’s not new, there will be things that will come up with inspections but most of all you want to know that the home your buying is structurally sounds. This is the mechanical end, plumbing, electric, roof, foundation. Termites, Radon & Septic Systems are a large part inspections in our area.
So buyers, when choosing the right house it’s very important to choose the right realtor. One that will not just sell you a house, a realtor that will show you the house and walk you thru the entire process so you know what your buying!

Happy House Buying!
Century 21 Crest Real Estate

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Derek Jeter & Pequannock Township

It happened, Derek Jeter **** 3,000 hits, amazing! This all happened while being a New York Yankee. Best day for Pequannock Township, why?? Derek Jeter was born in Pompton Plains, New Jersey. Pompton Plains is a section within Pequannock Township. Derek Jeter was born June 26, 1974 at Chilton Memorial Hospital which was located at that time at 520 Newark Pompton Turnpike, Pompton Plains, NJ 07444.

 A little history about Chilton Memorial Hospital, Forrest C. Chilton II, MD, and his wife, Elizabeth, an RN, donated a tract of land on Newark-Pompton Turnpike to build a hospital in memory of their son whose life was lost in World War II. A 50-bed facility was built in 1954, and expanded to 119 beds in 1961.

In August 1968, a 40-acre tract was purchased one mile west of the Newark-Pompton Turnpike site and another building, the West Parkway facility, was dedicated November 20, 1971. The next goal was to combine the two buildings on West Parkway and construction of an expanded hospital began in1981. This included a new patient wing, new ground floor facility, and a complete remodeling of the original building. The “new” Chilton Memorial was dedicated in June 1984.

Today, Chilton Memorial is a 260-bed, acute-care, non-profit community hospital with approximately 1,300 employees. 
(info taken from

Ok, back to Derek Jeter, not only was Derek born at Chilton Memorial Hospital, so was I, just a couple years before him 🙂 
And, a couple years after him….around 22 years later, my youngest daughter was born at Chilton Memorial Hospital, the West Parkway facility on June 26. 

Now you’re thinking what’s this have to do with Real Estate….a lot.
 Where Chilton Memorial Hospital used to be located at 520 Newark Pompton Turnpike, Pompton Plains was converted into CONDO’S. The complex is called Crestwood Park. There are currently 1-2 Bedroom units FOR SALE at the Old Chilton Memorial Hospital building. Each unit is unique and those of us who have lived in Pequannock Township for most of our lives joke about the units where the morgue used to be. I try and just laugh that one off when I’m showing units in that side of the complex.

So there’s the connection between Derek Jeter, Pequannock and Pompton Plains and  Chilton Memorial Hospital!
Derek Jeter’s a true leader and role model. Way to GO!!

We are PROUD to say Derek Jeter was Born in PEQUANNOCK TOWNSHIP!


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How do Buyer’s search online when looking for houses?

It’s quite interesting to see how buyers look online for homes for sale. Are they visiting Trulia? Zillow? Many times I find myself searching Google and putting in general searches on local real estate to see what comes up in our area.
I remember when my children were young, just getting ready to walk…I read in a news article how the dangers around your home for toddlers were increasing.
They suggested some safety tips.
Get on the floor as low as you can and look up, this was what your toddlers saw. The lamp electric cord was a good example of how dangerous it was.

I use this same analogy when searching online. I turn myself into the buyer. Where am I interested in looking for homes? What am I am looking for in a real estate agent? Where are homes reasonably priced? How are the school districts vs. other school districts?

If any buyers are just surfing and not asking a lot of questions, please feel free to call me. I will gladly walk you thru, step by step the process of buying your first home. From the wish list to the mortgage process to the closing. It’s an education purchasing a new home and the last thing you want is the stress, you’ll feel at ease knowing exactly what to expect.

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