Buying a Home?

If Buying a new home scares you then you need to come sit down, discuss and learn about becoming a homeowner. I will take the time to walk you through the entire process of buying a home. It’s stressful enough buying a home but not knowing what to do next is more frustrating to buyers. It’s easy for a realtor to hand someone flyers and printed material and feel as though they’ve educated their clients, but that’s not so true. Many buyers need and deserve more than that. Buyers should never feel as though they do not know what’s going on, they should never feel they don’t know what’s next.
There are steps for buying a home but it’s not as easy as step 1, step 2 …etc..
Each and every transaction is different so the realtor will adjust directing a client when and if these situations arise. Perfect example is with home inspection issues. Many buyers will ask our opinion on what to do, what to ask for. Again it’s our opinion and I will always explain that when you’re buying a new house that’s one thing but when buying a older home that’s 50+ years, it’s not new, there will be things that will come up with inspections but most of all you want to know that the home your buying is structurally sounds. This is the mechanical end, plumbing, electric, roof, foundation. Termites, Radon & Septic Systems are a large part inspections in our area.
So buyers, when choosing the right house it’s very important to choose the right realtor. One that will not just sell you a house, a realtor that will show you the house and walk you thru the entire process so you know what your buying!

Happy House Buying!
Century 21 Crest Real Estate


About Pequannock Township Real Estate Agent

Your Century 21® Professional Agent for the over 23 years, I have served the housing needs of individuals and families in Pequannock Township as well as many of the surrounding areas. I am a lifelong resident of Pequannock Township which increases my knowledge on the community and has given me an understanding of all aspects of the real estate market, homes in several price ranges, schools, taxes and places of worship. Whether buying or selling, I will work with you to develop an approach that will be the best for you. When selling, I will work with you to develop a marketing plan that attracts the right price. My experience and partnership with the Century 21 system will ensure you of receiving the attention you deserve. Since starting a career in Real Estate 23 years ago, I'm proud to say working in the same office, Century 21 Crest Real Estate for my entire real estate career, has enforced the fact that I am working in the best office and we are a successful office that offers experienced agents with the Technology, Training & Trust you deserve!
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