Earthquake Aug. 23, 2011 in North Jersey

So it’s around 1:45 pm and we’re just settling in to do some real estate work when all of a sudden the boss, broker, Pat starts saying…..”the building’s shaking”…and then starts saying LOUDER…”the building’s shaking”. I jumped up off my chair to look outside to see the wires on the building swaying vigoriously back and forth. I dashed for my cell (which was charging) to text my husband…as many of us did in those couple of seconds, but mine works for a local police department. Short and sweet was my text…. earth quake?

No response, so back I go to the window, building still shaking. Tere kept repeating, look at the water cooler, look ….the waters going up and down inside the cooler. We all looked in disbelief.  I said, “An Earthquake?” my manager Marie says…ya think!!  I quickly said, “Check on Facebook, you know if it was someone already posted it”. Tere and I jumped back on to the computers and as quick as we got on the stream of posting about the Earthquake flooded Facebook. I was proud, my youngest daughter was the first to post about the Earthquake before 800+ of my friends. Way to go, I’ve taught you well.

Now great minds, Tere and I quickly checked out youtube for Carole Kings hit “I feel the earth move under my feet”. You know i’ve been humming it all day since the Earthquake hit. I actually checked out the link I posted with the song, wow…what an excellent song! Friends, collegues, family members posted that they too felt the Earthquake, as far as Vermont, someone even mentioned up in Toronto they felt it. North Carolina had some and then chimes in my daughter…..NOPE, DIDN’T FEEL ANYTHING!

So where were you today when the Earthquake happened in New Jersey?  I was at my office at 142 Rt. 23, Pompton Plains, NJ, second floor in the resource room. 

What was I thinking when this was happening? My youngest was home alone, middle one was at work and oldest was out in California….now that’s funny!  She’s the one that DIDN’T FEEL THE EARTHQUAKE!


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  1. facebook statuses were updated faster than the earth shook

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