Interviewing for a Job

​I was interviewing for a job this past weekend. Yes, interviewing….no I’m not changing careers, I was being interviewed by a seller. Previous history was not a very pleasant experience for him and he wanted to know what I was going to do that was different from the other Realtor. 

We discussed marketing, online, newspaper, print etc… spoke about appointments, feedback etc…. he didn’t see anything different about me that I was offering that the other “guy” did.
I dug deeper into his situation before. They had gotten 3 contracts all of which did not go through. The seller was so beyond words of why?  He gladly showed me the contracts….they all looked standard, nothing stood out to me, standard language until he said the down payments were coming from a relative and the relative left the country. Now, how does this happen on 3 contracts, 3 different selling agents brought in the buyers. 

I quickly solved one of the “why am I different from other Realtors” question. A suggestion to have each contract purchaser get pre-qualified with a lender of the sellers choice. This would give us a heads up prior to going into attorney review. The seller liked that, he is motivated and wants to sell his property and just feels that he wasn’t guided as well as he thought he should have been. 

The first contract had inspections done. I questioned, was your agent present for this, no the seller responded. There is no excuse for the listing agent not to be present at all times, if I am not able to be present, I will have another agent from our office represent me. This is what the seller wanted to hear. I continued to tell him that I will meet the building inspector and fire official for the township inspections, this is what the seller wanted to hear. 
This is what I do that other Realtors may not do, service the client! 
Celebrating my 21 year anniversary this April I am happy to say that besides achieving top awards with Century 21 Crest Real Estate, the biggest award is the Quality Service Award. I pride myself with giving both the sellers and buyers the service they deserve. Whether it’s a recommendation of an attorney, lender, termite inspector, meeting a mason for an estimate, meeting a painter for an estimate, I do it. This comes back to me in the end.
The referrals from friends and family and this is why my real estate career is successful. So, did  I get the job?  I won’t know until the end of the month but I left the property very confident that I did the best interview I could so we shall see.

Colleen McMahon

Century 21 Crest Real Estate
Pompton Plains Office 
973-646-7419  /  973-214-5250

About Pequannock Township Real Estate Agent

Your Century 21® Professional Agent for the over 23 years, I have served the housing needs of individuals and families in Pequannock Township as well as many of the surrounding areas. I am a lifelong resident of Pequannock Township which increases my knowledge on the community and has given me an understanding of all aspects of the real estate market, homes in several price ranges, schools, taxes and places of worship. Whether buying or selling, I will work with you to develop an approach that will be the best for you. When selling, I will work with you to develop a marketing plan that attracts the right price. My experience and partnership with the Century 21 system will ensure you of receiving the attention you deserve. Since starting a career in Real Estate 23 years ago, I'm proud to say working in the same office, Century 21 Crest Real Estate for my entire real estate career, has enforced the fact that I am working in the best office and we are a successful office that offers experienced agents with the Technology, Training & Trust you deserve!
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